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EG supplies valves to many industries, including: Power Supply, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Mining and Minerals, Petrochemical, Metallurgy, Water & Sewage Treatment, etc.

EG Valves has built relationships with our customers over the past 19 years.
As a global valve supplier, we have served clients from over 33 countries.
Our clients span the continents with the exception of Antarctica.

A strict QC team equipped with CMM from Switzerland has been well built, their careful working make sure the precise fits and consistent quality to EG orders.

The scope of EG quality management system covers all processes directly and indirectly related to the design, manufacture, assembly, and test of our products.

The EG Valves quality policy is as follows, "We, the EG employees, are committed to meeting our customers' expectations in the manufacture of quality valves and associated services. EG commitment is to continual improvement."

This quality policy statement promotes the close relationships between the company, supply chains, and customer expectations of EG products and services.


Welcome to send us your inquiry to [email protected] or ring us a call at +86 577 5799 2227 for worldwide inquiries. Our sales specialist will reply to you as soon as we can.

Well, we would say it depends on different countries or regions, for more details, please consult our export manager.

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A gate valve is used to stop the flow of a moving fluid. They cannot be used to partially interrupt the flow (called throttling) and must be used in either the completely open or completely closed position.
A globe valve is used to throttle somewhere between the open and closed position. Globe valves offer a compression seal; when the stem is turned, the seat gets compressed, providing a better seal.
A check valve is used to prevent backflow. These valves do not have operating mechanisms because the valve operates automatically, depending on the pressure of the flow.
A ball valve can be used the same way gates and globes can be used, ball valve has several advantages over gates and globes. They are ¼-turn instead of multi-turn. The position of the lever handle indicates whether the valve is open or closed.
A butterfly valve is used in similar applications as the gates and globes, like ball valves, they are ¼-turn instead of multi-turn. Butterfly valves are lighter in weight and take up very little space in the line.