Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve

Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve is mainly used in middle or low pressure applications. It has a floating ball supported by two valve seats. A certain displacement can be generated by the ball itself so as to be pressed onto the seat seal ring at the outlet, guaranteeing the tightness at the outlet.

When you are searching for the perfect product to help with medium and low pressure applications, you should know that there is no need for you to look any further than our Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve, which is specifically designed for the types of installations mentioned above. Its floating ball that is sustained by two valve seats make it an excellent choice.

The interesting fact that you should learn about this design is that it allows for a specific displacement of the ball, which means that it will guarantee a certain tightness at the end. You can choose from a variety of body materials like carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and even duplex steel, among a few other options that we are happy to discuss about with you.

Another specific characteristic that makes this valve different is its fire-safe design. Alongside its low emission packing, you should know that you can decide between a soft or a hard sealing based on your preferences. There are a few other important specifications that should help you make a decision regarding this valve such as its end type, mode of operation or even its size range.

If you are wondering why you should rely on us, you should be aware of the fact that we have been a renowned Ball Valve Manufacturer for over 15 years, which means that we have been delivering various types of valves to clients from all over the globe. Until now, we have shipped our products to over 33 countries and have managed to provide a high quality service to countless customers. All of our valves are thoroughly tested to ensure they match the highest quality standards on the market. If you need our assistance or have a special request, do not hesitate to leave us a message!

Product Description

  • Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel, etc.
  • Bolted Bonnet and Split Body, Floating Ball inside
  • Blow-out Proof Stem and Fire-safe Design
  • Low Emission Packing and Anti-Static Design
  • Soft Sealing or Hard Sealing as per Customer’s Request
  • Full Port or Reduced Port Design
  • Size Range: NPS 1/2” ~ 12”  ;  DN15 ~ DN200
  • Pressure Rating: Class 150 ~ Class 600  ;  PN16 ~ PN40
  • End Type: RF, FF, RTJ, BW
  • Mode of Operation: Handle Lever, Worm Gear, Electric, Pneumatic, etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Design and Manufacture: API 608 , API 6D  or  DIN 3356
  • Face to Face Dimensions: ASME B16.10  or  DIN 3202
  • Flange Ends Dimensions: ASME B16.5 , ASME B16.47  or  DIN 2543-2545
  • Butt-Welding Ends: ASME B16.25  or  DIN EN 12627
  • Inspection & Test: API 598 , API 6D  or  DIN 3230
  • Fire-Safe Standard: API 607 , API 6FA
  • Top Mounting Pad Standard: ISO 5211

Packaging and Delivery

  • Packing Details: Inner: Polybag, Outer: Export Standard Plywood Case
  • Production Lead Time: According to the quantity, Normally within 35~40 days
  • Transport Method: Seaway or Airway as per Customer’s Request
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